Trust me.

Think about how many times you’ve told someone you love their haircut, you don’t care where you go to dinner, or you should totally get together soon. Multiply that B.S. by a million and you are in start up life.

As new entrepreneurs we have learned that people love to talk a big game. Sometimes big things come from it, other times, nothing does. They make promises and then things fall through. 

NEW ENTREPRENEUR LESSON OF THE DAY: Nothing is final until you have a check that cashes or a completed project in hand. 

Example 1: We once hired an all-star intern, partially because of how she pitched herself — “you never have to ask me twice. I am the most reliable person you will ever meet.” Week 1 & 2 she was a dream come true. Week 3 she disappeared (don’t worry, we checked social media, she’s alive). Never heard from her again. 

Example 2:  We have had one person beg us to invest. “Ladies this rounds” on me.” We said yes, one week later said person suddenly became whelmed by life and said he/she couldn’t handle making any new decisions. 

Example 3: We had one consultant miss multiple project deadlines but rather than say “this took longer than expected,” the excuse-factory went into overdrive. Our favorites: “So sorry, but we couldn’t do our work because an ice storm was coming” and a co-worker writing to inform us that said consultant had “gone missing” for the weekend but would make up the work later on. 

While these sound like dates from hell, they are a very real reality of starting a business. Don’t take it personally and develop a good B.S. detector.

The *: We sometimes fall through on things, too. But we come up with really good excuses.

Things that are surreal

A few years ago, each Skimm separately applied to an internship at Vanity Fair. Neither got it. In high school, one Skimm even tried to make her own version of Vanity Fair. It did not take off.

Flash forward a few years…and here we are, one Skimm HQ later.

Last month, we teased you with this pic.

The secret is out. Vanity Fair decided to feature us in this April’s issue. They showed up at HQ with a trailer made for a movie star, a team that was bigger than any TV crew we’ve worked with,  and the tools and magic to make our office/home/life look pretty darn good.

Now we are happily and proudly able to reveal that we are in this month’s issue. pg. 84, right before Taylor Swift insults Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

We are so thankful and pinching ourselves that this actually exists. And we would also like them to make our home look pretty every day of the year.

Per a previous new entrepreneur lesson of the day…do not over celebrate good news, or things like this will happen.

Meet our new Chicago intern. We could get used to this one. Help us name her.

Meet our new Chicago intern. We could get used to this one. Help us name her.

Notes from a Skimm-tern:

THE STORY:  Skimm intern Jacob Pharoah went to see Al Gore talk about his new book “The Future.” And stayed awake through it all. 

WHAT DID AL SAY:  With a sober yet hopeful outlook he talked about global change (the topic of his book) and the ultra-modernized America we are heading towards, highlighting his six major drivers of global change.

WHICH ARE…  Economic globalization, international digital communications, a change in the balance of power, a flawed economy, revolutions in science, and the human disruption of earth’s ecosystems.

IS THE BOOK OUT?  Yep, it’s hot off the presses. So go get it and tell us what you think. 

Equity—A love story


When you first start your company, the one thing you will have is equity. All of those nights you are eating soup from a can or looking at pictures of your friends on fantastic vacations, you can cuddle with equity. Hopefully, you retain a lot of it and find really smart people to give some too. And then maybe see that one day equity mean lots of shares in your own IPO disaster (just kidding). But for now, equity’s all you got.

 The interesting thing as a new entrepreneur is that as soon as you say you have something, people want a bite.  From day one of putting an idea to paper, we have seen attorneys, PR firms, artists, friends, interns, and a neighbor ask for “just a piece.” The pie is only so big, folks. There’s no such things as free favors, but there’s also no such thing as re-starting your first company.  We may not know much, but we know that. Hold onto it and delve it out wisely, not when you’re pushed against a wall.

We’re hiring!

We have a big ‘help wanted’ sign hanging at Skimm headquarters. theSkimm needs outstanding interns, developers, and graphic designers. Interested or know someone who is? Email resume to