Rock -Paper -Scissors

Yesterday we were thrilled to have a wonderful guest Skimm by @alice_olivia’s Stacey Bendet

Stacey has been a wonderful supporter of theSkimm and many have asked how she got Skimm'ing.

When we first launched theSkimm, we were working on our computers in a local restaurant when Stacey walked in with her adorable young children. Recognizing her and that when an opportunity presents itself, you gotta take it, Skimm A and Skimm B played Rock-Paper-Scissors over who had to work up the courage to go say hi. Skimm A was chosen to walk the plank and interrupt Stacey’s meal with her kids. It went something like this : “sosorrytobotheryoustartedthiscompanyyouwouldlikepleasetalktome" [breaks out in sweat]

Stacey couldn’t have been nicer and gave us her email and we let her go back to her family.

We did email her and followed up and were so grateful to hear back and that she loved theSkimm. The rest is history.

NEW ENTREPRENEUR LESSON OF THE DAY: If you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

Fashion Week Skimm’d by Stacey Bendet

GUEST SKIMM: It’s Fashion Week time.

Skimm’d by Stacey Bendet, CEO + Creative Director, alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet

What is Fashion Week? It’s [over] 168 hours of continuous parties filled with people in really fancy shoes, really, really fancy clothes, and fun colored hair. As a designer, it’s when you show a selection of your collection for the next season via a runway show or presentation.

How much work goes into it? More than a few sleepless nights.

Why is Fashion Week important? It helps creates trends for the next season. You know, like Davos does for [business].

How long do you take to prepare? We pretty much start on the next collection the day after the show! I actually leave for Paris the day after our presentation to buy fabric for the next season.

What do you hope to gain? I just try to make beautiful clothes. (And shoes. And bags. And occasionally tutus for champagne bottles).

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