Don’t be a George Costanza

When we left our former careers to start theSkimm we assumed we had said goodbye to a chapter of our life. We likely would never work for the same people again. Thankfully, we loved our old coworkers and bosses. But many people leave jobs not feeling that sentiment and run out with a ‘see you in anotha life brotha’ attitude.  And factor in starting your own business, we’ve seen many have an attitude of “I’m King of the world!!!!!” 

There’s a weird stigma that with starting your own company you are DONE with your past. SPOILER ALERT: You are not.

We recently had a business deal come up where someone asked for references. We provided them with references gained during Skimm Life but then they came back and said they wanted references from our old jobs. And like Skimm had never happened, we were back emailing our old bosses asking for a favor and for their time. 

NEW ENTREPRENEUR LESSON OF THE DAY: Your past follows you, as does your reputation. Starting your own company doesn’t change that. Always make sure your boss likes you.  And don’t be a George


NEW ENTREPRENEUR LESSON OF THE DAY: Don’t forget that sometimes it’s ok to be lost.

A friend recently stopped by Skimm HQ and noticed one of our bookshelves. Through the mix of some Twilight and political books (the perfect match), our friend noticed a few other gems.  Study books for the LSAT, the GRE, the GMAT. And we remembered—just a year ago, these were all on our radar. Why? Because we were so lost.

We knew we wanted more for our careers and that we needed to branch out into something new, we just really had no idea how to get there and what would look like. Insert many a school informational session, study session for multiple tests, and your run of the mill meltdowns. 

Now that we  are Skimm’ing we really can’t imagine doing anything else but that doesn’t mean the ‘lost’ feeling goes away. There are business decisions to make, hires to choose from, strategies to think out, and sometimes we have those moments of ‘WTF AM I DOING???” 

Our bookshelf is a good reminder that it’s ok to be a little confused, because if you do your homework (literally in this case), ask a lot of questions, and close your eyes and take a jump, you’ll find some semblance of direction. Or just read Twilight.