Leaning in…on sports

 After our Super Bowl guide came out, Skimm HQ felt particularly proud that it received so many compliments. Like finance, politics, international affairs, and the Kardashian/Humphries trial, covering sports takes time.

After said guide came out, we got lots of questions from some friends and acquaintances asking ‘great job, who wrote it?’ We let those slide but we really mastered the smile/glare look.

 But then March Madness happened. We’re not going to lie— explaining S-curves and brackets wasn’t easy and we never knew office gambling could be so complicated. But like with all of our writing, we ask for help when we need to and research what needs to be researched, so that we can Skimm for you.  We are proud to say we got many compliments on this  guide, as well. But as  Madness has continued, we have repeatedly gotten questions like ‘so which of  your boyfriends wrote this?’ or ‘who did you hire to do your sports  coverage?’

 Answer: Sheryl Sandberg would be so mad at you right now. We hired no one.  We write it. And full disclosure, we have lots of close friends at the major sports networks who are happy to answer our questions. And no, they don’t write for us, either.

Things that are surreal

A few years ago, each Skimm separately applied to an internship at Vanity Fair. Neither got it. In high school, one Skimm even tried to make her own version of Vanity Fair. It did not take off.

Flash forward a few years…and here we are, one Skimm HQ later.

Last month, we teased you with this pic.

The secret is out. Vanity Fair decided to feature us in this April’s issue. They showed up at HQ with a trailer made for a movie star, a team that was bigger than any TV crew we’ve worked with,  and the tools and magic to make our office/home/life look pretty darn good.

Now we are happily and proudly able to reveal that we are in this month’s issue. pg. 84, right before Taylor Swift insults Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

We are so thankful and pinching ourselves that this actually exists. And we would also like them to make our home look pretty every day of the year.

Per a previous new entrepreneur lesson of the day…do not over celebrate good news, or things like this will happen.


NEW ENTREPRENEUR LESSON OF THE DAY: Don’t forget that sometimes it’s ok to be lost.

A friend recently stopped by Skimm HQ and noticed one of our bookshelves. Through the mix of some Twilight and political books (the perfect match), our friend noticed a few other gems.  Study books for the LSAT, the GRE, the GMAT. And we remembered—just a year ago, these were all on our radar. Why? Because we were so lost.

We knew we wanted more for our careers and that we needed to branch out into something new, we just really had no idea how to get there and what would look like. Insert many a school informational session, study session for multiple tests, and your run of the mill meltdowns. 

Now that we  are Skimm’ing we really can’t imagine doing anything else but that doesn’t mean the ‘lost’ feeling goes away. There are business decisions to make, hires to choose from, strategies to think out, and sometimes we have those moments of ‘WTF AM I DOING???” 

Our bookshelf is a good reminder that it’s ok to be a little confused, because if you do your homework (literally in this case), ask a lot of questions, and close your eyes and take a jump, you’ll find some semblance of direction. Or just read Twilight. 

Apparently our neighbors work from home as well. Day in the #Skimm life

Apparently our neighbors work from home as well. Day in the #Skimm life

The greatest gift we have ever received. #SVUValentine

The greatest gift we have ever received. #SVUValentine

And the new entrepreneur lessons continue…

You know how productivity goes down around the holidays because all you want to do is stay home, eat cookies, and watch holiday movies?

Yeah, we feel this way too. But since no one else is a full time Skimm’r except us at Skimm HQ, we work. And work. And then watch “Home Alone” while working. I mean, it’s not the holiday season without Marv and Harry. 

What we have learned, however, is that once the calendar hits December-mid, meetings cancel, people forget, or mysteriously come down with the flu. 

We get it, but at least invite us to play hookie or cancel in advance and allow us to get some extra sleep. 

And with that, today’s sermon has ended.